The Niagara Falls of Volcanoes: Man Stands a Few Meters from Massive Lava Flow at Marum Volcano

[This video has been removed.]

Some People are Braver than Others

Standing a few meters from the massive lava flow from an active volcano isn't really on my bucket list, but Goeff Mackley obviously has more Evel Knievel genes than I do. He descended 400 meters into the Marum, an active volcano on Ambrym Island in the Pacific ocean, and stood just a few meters from a massive lava pool. He and Bradley Ambrose, who filmed the video below, were apparently the first people to ever get this close. About the experience, Geoff wrote:

Climbing down to within 30 metres of the lava it was so hot (1150 degrees) that without protection we could stand the heat for 6 seconds before retreating, with heat suit and BA I was able to stand it for 40 minutes. "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH"

But you have to see it for yourself (above). Nature really is awesome!

And here's the longer video that shows more of the preparation for the expedition:

[This video has been removed.]

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Via Geoff Mackey, BoingBoing

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