Nextfest Greenery: Earthbox Planter Boxes

I got to take a trip out to Wired's Nextfest this last weekend, and despite the overwhelming presence of military technologies, some great sustainable champions were strutting their stuff as well. One of these groups was The Growing Connection, a "personal farming" education advocacy team which teaches kids to grow food plants. And the tools they use are the Earthbox Planter System...The Earthbox is great, for a variety of reasons. First, its self regulating watering system, and documented fertilizing application diagrams take the complexity out of growing simple veggies like tomatoes and eggplant. Second, its raised framework lets you work on it like a table, rather than a plant, so your back doesn't rebel. And third, with its mulching cover and some good sun, plants produce higher levels of fruit in a shorter amount of time, and without the risk of weeds taking over.

AS standard Earthbox planter is 35 bucks at the Earthbox Store, and makes a great educational gift for the kids in your life. :: Earthbox Planters