New Over-Packaging Record? 17 Boxes For 32 Pages

HP Over-Packaging Boxes photo

Ever Heard of These Things Called Envelopes?
HP really cares about paper. Technology site The Register received a email from Stephen Strang, one of its readers, about a delivery from HP. A large box containing smaller ones... 17 of them. All of that for 32 pieces of A4 paper (wrapped two by two in pink foam). We're not suggesting this is standard practice at HP, but if this is real, they probably should have a closer look at some of their processes.

This beats our previous over-packaging entries: Is This Too Much Packaging, You Think? (which, depending on who you ask, might actually have been justified) and Dell's big box for a USB thumb drive.

Update: We just got a comment that seems to corroborate and explain the photos. Check it out here.