Nepal Temporarily Halts All Logging - More Trees Cut in Last Few Months Than From 2000-2005

nepal terai photo

Illegal logging is on the increase in the Terai, the lowland areas of Nepal. Photo: Librex via flickr.

A quickie on a seriously shocking situation: As Mongabay and BBC News report, Nepal has announced a two month temporary ban on all logging in the country. This comes as forestry officials learned that in the past few months alone more than 250,000 acres of forest have been cleared. That's more than was cleared between the years 2000-2005, when about 131,000 acres of forest was lost.Though Nepal has fairly stringent logging laws, weak enforcement is a major issue, especially in the lowland Terai, along the border with India. In both the Himalayas and the Terai community-managed forest projects have worked well in the past, but those in the lowland have seen increasing deforestation.

One factor which the BBC highlights is that due to Maoist encouragement of land grabs, squatters have moved into forest areas.

Nepal's Information Ministers has said four forest officials are under investigation for complicity with illegal logging.

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