NeoRural-hanging out in the Raval

An exhibition of experimental sustainable product design is currently showing at a small gallery in the Raval - the heart of the alternative culture scene in Barcelona. The Ego Gallery is showing the work of Martin Ruiz de Azúa and Gerard Moliné whose design partnership is going from strength to strength with interesting products such as the ‘Catalan Bag’. This multifunctional bag is made from the fabric of traditional Catalan tablecloths. Currently the ‘Catalan Bag’ is being produced in the workshops of Spanish prisons by CIRE (centre for reintegration work).
The eye-catching centre-piece of the gallery's exhibition is a huge suspended nest of leaves and branches. Designed as a camouflaged hanging tree house this amazing construction sticks out a mile in the trendy urban gallery setting. Continuing with the natural camouflage theme is the beautiful idea of a biodegradable funerary urn from which a tree grows once it is buried. To see more thoughtful and considered sustainable design proposals from this dynamic duo please go to:
Ego Gallery
Carrer Dr Dou 11, Barcelona
Until 10th May 2005

written by Leonora, research & image by Petz