Necker Nymph Electric Submarine: See Richard Branson's "Underwater Plane" in Action (Video)


3-Seat Electric Submarine
A couple of months ago Jaymi wrote about Richard Branson's latest toy, the Necker Nymph, a kind of small electric submarine that looks kind of like a futuristic airplane. As Jaymi pointed out, it's not exactly zero-impact, but it still makes a few eco claims (it could have been much worse), and if it's used for something other than joyrides, it could help with shallow water exploration. The Necker Nymph was featured on Oprah recently, and we have the video that shows it in action below.

Gretta Kruesi of the Coastal Conservation League had a chance to sit down and talk with Sir Richard Branson about many of his environmental activities (which are a lot more important than this submarine). Check it out:

Via Huffington Post
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