Nature Calendar: Urban Environment Guide


Nature Calendar announced their launch this week with a worthy goal: "to highlight both the natural resources and species of metro-area ecosystems, starting with New York City, and the work of the dedicated people, both professionals and volunteers, who care for them."

This blog intends to get people in touch with the flora, fauna and beauties of nature right outside their doors in major urban centers. Topics such as the Orion Nebula, wild carrots, tasting tours of public parks and more will inspire people to appreciate the fertility and magnanimity of the planet earth around them.
Features will include "disaGREENments", a series of debates about environmental movements and "Nature Walks with Sheila Buff." Nature Calendar makes this invitation:

Come into the true heart of town, to discover the wild urban woods, marshes, waterways, and downs, "where the soul need not repress its music."

Please return often to rediscover city life in unexpected ways, and share your knowledge and fascinations with us!

So visit Nature Calendar, and enjoy Mother Nature more.

Via Erik at ::Nature Calendar

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