Natural Swimming Pools after the TeichMeister System


If you're thinking about getting a swimming pool for your garden, think natural!
The Spanish company ARAGrup for example offer technologies, systems and materials that are environmentally friendly and are specialists in water management for urban and agricultural landscapes. Amongst these they offer Natural Swimming Pools after the TeichMeister system.
Here is what makes them 100% natural: the plants! These together with micro-organisms eliminate contaminants from the water and leave it crystal-clear all year round without chemicals or salt. For the biological self-cleaning process to work you need a natural purification zone (plants and water pumps) adjoining the swimming and bathing zone to circulate and filter the water. To make cleaning easy and keep maintenance low, ARAGrup suggest vertical walls for the swimming area, with a stone, wood or concrete finish or a PVC (not so natural! Anyone have an alternative?) film lining in different colours (light blue for Mediterranean and dark green for mountain lake feel). When it comes to designing the shape and layout of the swimming zone together with the filter zone you can let your imagination run wild. Sizes can range from 25m2 to 10.000m2 and the filter zone requires 20% for it to work. In the end you’ll be left with untroubled bathing and a beautiful pond. Keep in mind that it’s possible to convert a traditional swimming pool into a natural one. Now the only thing that needs to change (al least here in Spain) is the law that requires all public swimming pools to have a certain percentage of chlorine in the water, no matter how clean it is without. So the public can’t go natural yet even if the water is crystal-clear and does not give you allergies! ::ARAGrup (Spanish only) ::TeichMeister