National Mall Gets Greener Grass


Photo credit: Vacation Lovers

The National Park Service, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, along with the nonprofit, are resodding a four-area tract of Washington, D.C.'s National Mall to prepare it for its makeover into a sustainable, organic lawn.

"This is exactly the kind of high visibility project we had in mind when we conceived our organization in February of 2006," Paul Tukey of tells E Magazine. "If we can grow resilient grass on the National Mall, where 27 million people trample the lawn each year, then we will have demonstrated that we can grow grass anywhere. Most importantly, we'll have proved that you can grow grass without relying on chemical fertilizers and pesticides that can harm wildlife and contaminate drinking water, as well as cause harm to people and their pets."

Although we'd prefer to ditch the lawn altogether—lawns, which serve no other purpose beyond the aesthetic, are the United States' single most water-guzzling crop in terms of surface area—we'll take what we can get. ::E Magazine

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