NASA timelapse: 3 years of the sun in 3 minutes

NASA Sun timelapse
Public Domain NASA

Here comes the Sun

The sun, to many of us, is like water to a fish. Very important, but we kind of forget about it because it's always been there. But the great nuclear fusion reactor in the sky is a fascinating astral body that deserves our attention, not only because it powers almost all life on Earth (exceptions are some chemotrophs and such) and bathes us in enough energy to easily meet all the needs of our human civilization, but also because it is beautiful in its own right and a great playground for scientists.

The video below is a timelapse produced by NASA (Jaymi had mentioned it here). It shows 3 years of the sun in 3 minutes (a bit more in the version with the commentary track by heliophysicist Alex Young) in a way you've probably never seen it before. Highly recommended:

In case you just want to chill out while looking at the sun (without damaging your eyes), here's the same thing but without the commentary track:


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