NASA Loses 90 Rubber Duckies in the Arctic, Offers Reward for Return

rubber ducks photo

photo: (CC) Gaetan Lee

I admit that this one isn't the deepest piece of news out there, but I find it too funny (and somehow interesting) to pass up repeating. The Guardian is reporting that NASA wants its rubber duckies back. And if you happen to be a sailor, fisherman or cruise passenger in the Arctic could you please send any you find bobbing out at see back to them. Oh, there's a $100 reward for the first person to find one.

That's the funny part; this is how the US space agency lost 90 bathtub toys:Apparently, they were dropped into holes in Greenland's ice three months ago to track how the icecap is melting. "Scientists threw the ducks into tubular holes known as "moulins" in the Jakobshavn glacier on Greenland's west coast, hoping they would find their way into channels beneath the hard-packed surface, to track the flow of melt water into the ocean."

More on NASA's use of rubber ducks: Discovery News

via: The Guardian
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