NASA captures huge wildfires burning in Canada

yukon wildfires photo
Public Domain NASA

The above image was captured on July 14th by NASA's Aqua satellite. It shows wildfires burning in the Yukon territory of Canada. NASA states, "Red outlines indicate hot spots where MODIS detected unusually warm surface temperatures associated with fire."

From PhysOrg, "In the Yukon territory of Canada, several large wildfires continue to burn unabated. The fires on this image are located near Carmacks and also near Stewart Crossing."

Several wildfires went uncontained earlier this week, and today Alberta is dispatching 27 firefighters to help battle the blazes. And according to Global News, "Earlier this week, Alberta sent 44 firefighters to Manitoba to help fight wildfires there."

It is the height of wildfire season, and the season is felt keenly already in the United States after the recent tragedy in Arizona where 19 firefighters lost their lives in a wildfire in Prescott.

Here's how to make sure you aren't the cause of a wildfire.

NASA captures huge wildfires burning in Canada
This startling image from NASA shows just how much the Yukon territory is suffering from wild blazes this year.

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