Namecheap Raises $20k For Elephants In Response to GoDaddy CEO Killing One on Video

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Photo by Mrs_B via Flickr CC

Last week we told you about the GoDaddy CEO who feels it is "rewarding" to shoot elephants in Africa on an annual basis. To make things worse, he made a video of his most recent shoot and posted it online. As a response, several domain name hosting companies offered deals to people who wanted to switch away from GoDaddy in protest, and several also offered a donation to elephant-related charities when people switched. Namecheap is one of those companies, and has raised a substantial amount after an estimated 20,000 users switched away from GoDaddy. Namecheap might have made the biggest impact out of the several sites offering special rates for protesters, raising a full $20,000 for Save The Elephants.

Ecorazzi reports, "The site promised users who switched from GoDaddy to their company a special discounted rate, and the added bonus of donating 20% from each transfer to the Save The Elephants organization."

The company earned about $80,000 in just a few days, including gaining the Humane Society of the United States. The organization had over 650 domain names registered through GoDaddy but clearly didn't appreciate the relish with which the CEO shoots one of the most iconic animals of Africa.

It is definitely exciting to know that there was such a strong backlash to the GoDaddy video -- it shows that people are paying attention and care about the plight of elephants in Africa, and recognize that there are more constructive, less brutal ways to help farmers and elephants coexist.

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