MyNature App Makes You an Instant Expert on the Outdoors

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Ever walked along a park path or hiking trail and wondered the name of the tree you were looking at, or whether or not that particular vine was poison ivy or not? Or perhaps you saw some tracks and had no idea what type of animal made them. MyNature app puts everything you need to know for identifying flora and the footprints of fauna right in your pocket. My Nature's app is $6.99, which is fairly expensive for an app. But if you're hoping to become a nature buff, it might be worth it.

Good Clean Tech writes, "Users can search by tree characteristics (leaves v. needles, for example, or leaf shape) or by answering a series of 15 questions. Once you've found a likely candidate, you can view pics of each species' leaves, needles, fruit, cones, bark, profile, range map, and fall leaf color. A journal feature allows you to personalize the application and keep track of what trees you've identified."\

There is also a great app for animal tracks, so if you're on the trail and see something interesting -- or worrying -- you'll be able to pin down what creature made the prints. Here's a demo:

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