Musical project spanning 16 countries celebrates 500 million migrating birds

Flyways musical project
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Migrating birds know no borders

I came across a very interesting crowd-funded project that aims to raise awareness about the great bird migration that takes place between Africa and Eurasia each year. "Each spring, more than 500 million birds of 350 species follow the Great Rift Valley from southern Africa to Turkey, where they then diverge to Europe and Asia. This flyway is one of the most important bird migration corridors in the world," writes Paul Winter. The birds face many threats, including the destruction of key habitats along their routes of passage and climate change. But the musical culture of many countries along the birds' path is also under siege.

The Flyways Music Project aims to create an album that brings together musicians from 16 countries on the migratory route. Check out the video that they made to explain their goals. It's full of beautiful birds and music, as the album will be!

If you wish to contribute, the crowd-funding page for the project can be found here.

More details about the project can be found on the official Flyways website.

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