Multi-Million Dollar Design Flaw Causes Hundreds of Offshore Wind Turbines to Slide on Their Foundation

offshore wind turbine photo

photo: Andy S-D via flickr.

Take this one as a bump in the road more than a roadblock: Renewable Energy World reports that a design flaw in how some offshore wind turbines attach to their base has caused hundreds of them to slide several centimeters since installation. Though not expected to delay new projects or cause a disruption in electricity production, it's been estimated that it will cost well over $20 million to fix.WATCH VIDEO: G Word Shorts - Wind Beneath My Wings

The issue is with towers using grout to attach the turbines to the base. Apparently the turbines have settled since installation, and moved in the process

A spokesman for DONG Energy said it has had problems with nearly 150 turbines at its Dogger Bank and Gunfleet Sands wind farms in the UK, as well as the Horns Rev 2 project in Denmark.

Vattenfall has said it is inspecting three of its wind farms and has found that settling has occurred on "most of the foundations examined so far" but no visible cracks have been found.

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