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Mountain Rose Herbs not only want to improve your health through the use of herbs and tea, but they want to use sustainable practices and products in the process. Hey, why go to all of that effort of healing your body if you're still putting chemicals, and toxic fertilizers into the soil and your groundwater (and ultimately back into you)? Instead, try their organic herbs, special tinctures and even their gardening supplies to heal your body and improve your spirit.The company began in 1987 in the kitchen of founder Rosemary Gladstar, as she made herbs for her herb students, and has expanded to include not just herbs, but other wellness instruments. Today, Mountain Rose Herbs sells, well, obviously herbs, but also teas; gardening supplies; containers for herbs; aromatherapy oils; bulk ingredients of butters, salts and waxes; bath and body care; and other natural health capsules, salves and oils.

But Mountain Rose Herbs is improving their eco-footprint like most people these days, including updating their fleet with trucks that run on 100% locally produced biodiesel. In total, all 60 employees only produce 80 gallons of trash each month (equal to a four person household) and aims to be a Zero Waste Facility. They also carry Fair-Trade Certified herbs in their line. Lighting, electronics and computers are all updated to be as energy-efficient as possible. 100% of the operation is run on renewable energy through credits via the CarbonFund.

Mountain Rose Herbs is also a Co-Op America People's Choice Award for Green Business of the Year Winner, as well as several other awards for sustainability practices. : Mountain Rose Herbs
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