Mother Jones Presents Ocean Voyager

Ocean Voyager

From one mother for another: The Mother Jones-produced Ocean Voyager is a web-based five-part adventure that whisks you to different ocean hot spots around the globe, whether it's chasing fish pirates off the coast of Africa or tracking a mother polar bear across the Arctic.

You'll learn how our oceans are under siege by man-made forces, and more important, how to use the supplied online tools to help preserve and protect the ocean. When you sign up for Ocean Voyager, you'll receive a series of five weekly e-mail episodes that include videos, audio interviews with experts, Web cams, and links to additional resources on the Internet.
Here’s what you can expect over the next five weeks:

Chapter 1: West Coast of Africa. Fish pirates and overfishing; what the public can do to help.

Chapter 2: The Gulf of Mexico dead zone and how Midwest farmers can help shrink it.

Chapter 3: The Pacific Northwest. Toxins in fish and other sea creatures—how to protect them, and yourself.

Chapter 4: The Arctic—polar bears, global warming, and you.

Chapter 5: Brings you back to Washington, D.C., alerting readers to emerging political issues such as the reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act, which governs how many fish can be taken in U.S. territorial waters each year.

For extra credit, be sure to peruse Mother Jones' March/April 2006 feature, "The Last Days of the Ocean." ::Ocean Voyager

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