Moscow Looks Like Sauron's Kingdom

Moscow, Russia, like Sauron's Kingdom

Fans of the movies Lord of the Ring will immediately notice the similarities between the photo above and Sauron's kingdom. The picture above was taken by Alexander Petrenko and Andrew Maple wrote a little piece in English about Moscow's environmental problems.

"Today Moscow has nearly 3,000,000 cars. Gray-brown noxious haze of smog covers the streets filled with jam-packed traffic, which blows out tons of unhealthy exhaust fumes of carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals. Additionally there are 12 huge heat power stations, 53 district heating stations and 3,000 industrial enterprises still operating within the city borders. As a result concentrations of harmful substances often exceed maximum allowable by 10-20 times." ::Sauron's Kingdom - Moscow, via reddit. ::Seeking Oil, Russia Claims North Pole, ::Russia's New Environmentalist? The Kremlin

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