Monsters in Our Midst. 'Mazing Magnified Images

Gigapan ant photo

You might be mistaken for thinking that photo looks like the talons of an eagle, but it ain't. It's a Madagascan Eutetramorium mocquerysi. More precisely it's the base of its leg. Hard to believe that leg belongs to a lil' ant, albeit photographed at a magnification of 400 times using a scanning electron microscope and stitched together from 400 photos.

The photography is part of work that is being undertaken by the NanoGigaPan project, who are "working to take high resolution images of very small things." See some more images below and check out the links to their other exhibits.Mankind might strut around like we are in charge of this planet, but our arrogance is breathtaking when confronted with the complexity of the world that we barely know anything about. These images help remind us that a little humility might be in order, before we mess up this wondrous place more than we already have.

Gigapan antenna photo

Antenna of a moth magnified 1200x using a scanning electron microscope.
Gigapan driftwood photo

Drift wood magnified 300 times

See many more photographs on their Flickr photostream. Also look up the GigaPan profile
:: NanoGigaPan Project, via Daring Fireball
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