Monkey's Slyly Grinning Self-Shot Wins the Internet

If you were ever the proud owner of a Myspace profile, chances are good that a smugly snapped self-portrait graced your page at one time or another. But before you wince at the thought of your misguided preteen years, take comfort it this -- we humans might not be the only primates with a penchant for carefully-crafted vanity shots.

Well, yeah. We probably are... but still.

The good folks at the Houston Zoo recently shared this photograph, captured of a monkey by a (not-so-secret) camera trap on a game reserve in Borneo. "Looks like someone knew about the "hidden" cameras," said the zoo in a tweet.

Naturally, it didn't take long before that winning grin made this unsuspecting monkey one of the most talked about things on the internet today.

But for as much as it would be nice to think that that sly smirk is as nudgy-winky as it looks, animal experts say for the monkey to be bearing teeth is actually a sign of aggression or anger. So take that as a lesson: don't judge a person by their vainglorious in-the-mirror profile picture.

Ahh, who am I kidding?

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