Millet's Recycle and Save - Climbing Ropes, that is.


Sorry for the late notice to all the treehugging climbers who live in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland. We only just discovered this today. But if you take your old climbing rope, before the end of July 2006, to one of 120 participating stores, in those countries, French mountaineering company, Millet, will discount € 0,35 per meter towards the purchase of a Millet rope. That's about $22 USD from an average 50m line. You can trade in any brand of nylon climbing rope. Last year Millet recovered over 55,000m of used ropes for recycling. They reprocess the perlon in the ropes, melt it down, and reform it into hangers for their other product lines. The strength and fall arresting ability of nylon ropes diminishes over time, and hanging on to old ropes can be a safety issue in the event of severe fall. This recycling effort is part of Millet’s Mountain Environmental Contribution, which includes clean ups of the mountaineering base camps for the Himalayan mountains of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Everest. ::Millet Recycle and Save.


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