Milan Furniture Fair 2010: "Eruption" Blanket Predicted Volcano Woes in 2005

volcano milan furniture fair photo

The Eruption blanket by Vík Prjónsdóttir. Shown at the Milan Furniture Fair. Photo via BD, The Architects Web Site

I can't get over this blanket by Icelandic knitting factory Vík Prjónsdóttir shown at the Milan Furniture Fair last week. Yes, they designed this 100 percent Icelandic wool blanket in 2005, five years before volcano ash shocked the world's air travel infrastructure.The knitting factory's apparently psychic blanket design was inspired by their not-so-ideal location -- on the southern coast of Iceland, near volcanoes Katla and Eyjafjallajokull.

Fueledbycoffee's Craighton Berman did this nice little sketch on an iPad describing the general feeling in Milan:

volcano comic photo

Artist: Fueledbycoffee. Comic via Core77

In German-speaking countries, they have started calling Eyjafjallajokull "Der Vulkan mit dem Unaussprechlichen Namen," or the "Volcano with the Unpronounceable name....or even better, the "Unspeakable Volcano." Gotta love the dry German humor.

I left the Milan Furniture Fair on Friday, April 16 on an overbooked train and was technically "stuck" among the snow-capped peaks of Switzerland for five days.

The photo below was taken in Winterthur, just outside of Zurich, on Monday, April 19. It's relevant for the lack of jet streams in airspace so close to Zurich Airport. Just one lingers in the sky:

zurich volcano skyline no planes photo

View of the airspace over Winterthur, Switzerland on Monday, April 19. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

The people Bonnie talked to had much more drama. No Skype wedding, no epic road trip, not even really big food shortages (darn Swiss efficiency) for me.

Below is what the cut fruit section looked like in Winterthur's Coop supermarket on Tuesday, April 20th:

volcano super market zurich photo

The cut fruit shelves at the Coop supermarket on Tuesday, April 20. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

Oddly, whole fruit seemed unaffected. When I asked an employee why, he said it was processed in a different area, and added that the only other thing influenced by the volcano was fresh fish.

volcano super market zurich photo

The whole fruit shelves at the Coop supermarket on Tuesday, April 20. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

Clearly while air freight may kill us all, as Lloyd says, it will take a bit longer in Switzerland -- this country has earned its reputation for efficiency.

Of course, it's always possible to find fault somewhere: The bananas on special from Costa Rica looked rather ripe.

volcano super market zurich bananas photo

Ripe bananas at the Coop supermarket on Tuesday, April 20. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman
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