Miami Beach Roundup: They Haven't Discovered TreeHugger Yet

setai hotel photo

What do you say about a city where the parking garages are so high that the new buildings don't start until the old buildings end? That perhaps they have their priorities a bit screwed up?

empty-hotel photo

That is the bubble that is Miami Beach, where you can have a dead reno sit for years next to the Delano, once the hippest hotel on the beach.

patioheater miami beach

Where I counted 151 patio heaters along the length of Ocean Drive, actually more patio heaters than restaurant patrons at breakfast, and probably thousands more on Lincoln and Collins. No doubt every hotel on the strip has a "save the planet, reuse your towel" sign in the bathroom.

art-festival photo

Where you can go to a community arts festival with 150 booths and find exactly two that might have relevance to TreeHugger readers-

friendswood-brooms pho

including Friendswood Brooms of Leicester, North Carolina, who use "natural wood handles and broomcorn, making each broom by hand with techniques that date to the 1790s."

nemo menu image

Where they have never even heard about Seafood Watch, where the menu from Nemos, one of the biggest fish restaurants, is almost a dead ringer for the AVOID list from the Monterey Aquarium including grouper, chilean sea bass and tuna.

boat garages photo

Where the boats are so big they now come with built in garages and the Lamborghinis outnumber the bicycles.

system image

In the end we had to leave Miami Beach and go to the design district in Miami to get a decent green meal at Michaels Genuine, see some new green products like Bio-Glass and some furniture made from sustainable materials.

There are some things happening in the area, there is a good resource in Greener Miami, but Miami Beach? It is a bubble of excess, an artifact from another time. Turn off the heaters on the way out.