Merry Christmas: Here's the Most Adorable Baby Polar Bear You've Ever Seen. (Video)

I know that keeping up with environmental news can be aggravating, alarming, bad for your heart, etc. I mean, just this last week, I've covered massive oil spills, dreaded climate change feedback loops, the oil industry's efforts to overpower democracy, and deadly coal protests in China. It's the sort of stuff that can weigh heavy on your soul, lest you move swiftly to bury it under layers of bloggy snark and/or sarcastic remarks about politicians.

But hey, there's some truly good news too: It looks like Obama might now be forced to cancel the Keystone XL, new rules from the EPA will force coal and oil companies to keep mercury out of our lungs, and, most of all, there's this:

Yes, it turns out we still live in a world where adorable baby polar bears are born, and promptly go about doing adorable baby polar bear-y things. And so, with a soul slightly less burdened by what may be the cutest thing I've seen all year, I wish you all the happiest of holidays.

I'll see you all next year, and we'll resume our efforts to ensure that baby Siku won't grow up in an ice-free Arctic.

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