Merrell Partner With National Park Foundation to Get People Outside

Merrell National Parks photo

We recently made mention of outdoor footwear company, Merrell, and their continuing campaign to get folk outside, in that instance to the Rothbury festival in July 09. Well, now they are at it again. This time teaming up with the US National Park Foundation (NPF), who Merrell say are an ideal partner with a shared passion. " ... our shared goal is to work together on a long term basis to educate and motivate people of all ages and activity levels to get outside and play in our national outdoor playgrounds."

How will they achieve this?Seems that Merrell's involvement will include a wide variety of events at both the national and grassroots levels, partnership at local Merrell stores, special promotions and giveaways, and other broad outreach initiatives that will raise awareness of the parks and all that they have to offer.

And as we have reported previously (see links below) that is an awareness that does seem to be on a decided wane, as Wiis and Plasma TVs entice humans to remain closeted indoors.

Not so long back a friend was telling me the story of how her sister's kids were afraid to go play in the backyard. Apparently they'd heard that insects, lizards, and the like, urinated and defecated out there. What sort of world have we wrought that kids are scared of butterflies?

May Merrell and the National Park Foundation find a way to get people the think beyond the square walls, and go live a little -- amongst other living things.

For as Henry David Thoreau so prophetically observed,

In wildness is the preservation of the world.

Background Photo: Warren McLaren / Inov8
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