Meet a new dinosaur: Siats meekerorum [video]

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Paleontologists recently discovered fossils belonging to a new species of dinosaur in the Cedar Mountain Formation in Utah. The new species is a large predator, estimated to be over 30 feet long and weighing up to four tons when it was alive. The fossils are about 100 million years old, and belong to a group of dinosaurs not previously known to have lived in North America.

The dinosaur has been named the Siats meekerorum and is described in a paper published by Nature. According to a press release from The Field Museum in Chicago, the dinosaur was named for the John Caldwell Meeker family for their support of paleontological research at The Field Museum and in reference to a man-eating monster from Native American Ute mythology.

Author and researcher Peter Makovicky discusses the findings in the video below:

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Meet a new dinosaur: Siats meekerorum [video]
A recently discovered dino is really big.