Marine Debris is Turkey's Problem, and Everyone Else's

photo marine debris turkish poster noaa
Credit: NOAA.

There's a conference for everything, including marine debris. The 5th Annual International Marine Debris Conference is planned for March 20-25 in Honolulu, Hawaii. That's one to put on the calendar. And to get ready for it, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is rolling out posters in numerous languages. The newest, shown above, is Turkish. That Turkish poster says "Marine Debris is Everyone's Problem." NOAA officials say they're trying to come up with as many languages as possible to get the message out. Turkish is No. 7. Other posters have been made in English, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. Some of the other posters have headlines in English, for the bilingual folks. All of them communicate with pictures. Here's a poster for Brazil:


Conference organizers: Just make sure the posters are securely fastened wherever they're posted. We wouldn't want them to blow away and add to the problem. This year's conference theme is "Waves of Change: Global lessons to inspire local action."

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