Mantis murder shrimp strikes again (Video)

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It may be small, but it is powerful.

The peacock mantis shrimp, a deep sea murder machine, can strike its arm-like appendages so fast that it accelerates at the same velocity as a bullet shot from a 22 caliber rifle. If humans could move as fast and as hard, we'd be able to throw a baseball into orbit, according to The Oatmeal. Makes people seem kind of weak doesn't it?

The mantis shrimp uses its appendages to crack through shells and get at the tasty meal beneath. It pulls back the "arms," much like compressing a spring (or a vice clamp), and then releases the energy into the shell, shattering it to bits. The force produces shock waves that make the surrounding water boil.

Thinking of getting one as a pet? Think again! Aquariums are hesitant to keep these guys around because they can break through the tank's glass.

As if the super-appendages weren't cool enough, here's another cool fact about the peacock mantis shrimp: it has amazing vision. Its eyes have 16 color receptive cones, while humans only have three. We wonder what the other 13 colors are like

Watch the peacock mantis shrimp in action with Smarter Every Day:

Mantis murder shrimp strikes again (Video)
If humans could strike as hard as a peacock mantis shrimp, we'd be able to throw a baseball into space...