Malaysian Smugglers Nabbed with Hundreds of Lizards

monitor lizards photo

Image credit: foto.rajith/Flickr

Whether they are destined for local markets, neighboring countries, or beyond, the wildlife of South East Asia are on the move—hidden in the nets, crates, and even carry-ons of opportunistic smugglers.

The latest victims of this alarming trend are the more than 400 monitor lizards rescued from smugglers trying to cross the Malaysia border.Abdul Razak Majid, wildlife and national parks chief in southern Malaysia, explained:

The monitor lizards, which we believe were captured in jungles in the area, were wrapped in nets and placed in fruit crates...investigations show that the animals were being smuggled out of the country and would be sold for their meat which is considered a delicacy in some neighbouring countries and also for making medicine.

SLIDESHOW: The Gruesome Impact of Traditional Medicine

Authorities plan to release the 422 lizards back into the country's national parks once investigations have been completer.

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