Luna the Killer Whale Hits the Big Screen! Ryan Reynolds To Produce And Narrate Documentary

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Photo by winkyintheuk via Flickr CC

If you haven't heard of Luna the killer whale, you very soon will know the incredible story as actor Ryan Reynolds has decided to create a documentary on the inspirational orca. As a calf, Luna (officially named L98) was separated from his pod off the coast of Vancouver Island in Nootka Sound. Somehow, he managed to survive on his own, and found companionship with the humans he encountered on passing boats for the first five years of his life. But his tale as much a story about how humans deal with wildlife as the killer whale himself, since his relationship created turmoil among scientists, the government, and Aboriginal people. And that's where the documentary comes in. From Wikipedia: "[Luna] presence in the busy area, which delighted tourists but often brought him into conflict with boaters, led to years of controversy over whether he should be captured and returned to his family pod... In June-July of 2001, when Luna was almost two years old, he disappeared from his family pod. His uncle, Orcan, died at about that time, and many people think that Luna was accompanying his uncle away from the pod when Orcan died, leaving Luna lost and alone. After Luna did not reappear, he was declared dead. However, in July 2001, Luna appeared and was found alone in Nootka Sound. It was at this time the Mowachaht/Muchalaht people of northern Vancouver Island named L98 Tsux'iit after the tribe's late chief. The Mowachaht/Muchalaht people contended that because their chief had declared after death he wished to return as an Orca, that the appearance of Luna four days after his death was symbolic and likely to be the reincarnation of Chief Tsux'iit."

If that isn't the basis for a fascinating documentary, we don't know what is.

According to ecorazzi, "Because "The Whale" is set near Reynold's hometown of Vancouver, B.C. he felt he had a personal connection to the story. Scarlett Johansson and Eric Desatnik are also executive producing the film."

Here is Luna / L98, socializing with a dog:

Orca & Dog from Maria Chantelle Tucker on Vimeo.

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