Lucky Koala Hit By Car Walks Away Without a Scratch

koala hit by car photo
Photo via 9 News

Not only is this koala bear one of the cutest animals on the planet, it just may be among the luckiest too. Defying the odds normally stacked against wildlife in an encounter with a fast moving vehicle, this koala bear survived being hit by a car travelling upwards of 50 mph -- and miraculously, without sustaining any injury at all.According to 9 News, the adorable marsupial was struck by a Ford Falcon outside of Portland, Australia, and became lodged in the vehicle's front grill. The driver, who was travelling at a fairly speedy clip, assumed the full-grown koala had perished in the accident. When the driver pulled over to assess the carnage, he found the animal was in fact still alive, stuck in the front of his car just below his licence plate.

The driver then drove another 10 miles or so to a local veterinarian with the koala still attached to the car.

After carefully freeing the animal from the grill, vet Lisia Sturm made a startling discovery -- the koala was quite alright.

It looked quite surprised -- if koalas can look surprised. It had its bum wedged right in there meaning it couldn't get out. But he was a big boy and looked really healthy. He didn't have any injuries at all -- not even a graze.

Sturm kept the animal for observation for a few hours following the accident, but deemed it fit to return back to the habitat from whence it was so rudely plucked.

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