Loving Trees in Kenya

Kenyan Trees and Zebras Photo

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The UN Environment Program (UNEP) is giving new meaning to loving trees and hugging trees in their Trees4Love campaign in Kenya. Over 5,000 trees are planned to take root in the Karura Forest in Kenya to fight climate change, promote carbon sequestration and help clean up the Karura River. The official loving ceremony will take place, fittingly, on February 14, 2009. This is part of the larger Plant for the Planet: Billion Trees Campaign.Several thousand people are expected to attend the event and plant trees in memory of loved ones and out of their love for the planet. The Billion Trees Campaign has thus far planted 2.6 billion trees out of their goal of 7 billion by 2009 (one tree for every inhabitant on the planet). Thus far, Ethiopia has planted the most trees of any country for this campaign - over 700 million trees total.

The ceremony is open for any one to attend and will take place in the Karura Forest from 1pm to 5:30pm. :UNEP Trees4Love:UNEP Billion Tree Campaign
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