Lotus Makes Biofuel-Powered "Concept Ice Vehicle" for Antarctica Expedition

Concept Ice Vehicle photo
Cross Between Skidoo & Ultralight Plane
Researchers taking part in the Moon-Regan expedition have a new very cool toy. The biofuel-powered Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV), made by Lotus, will be used to cross the coldest contintent, Antarctica, to raise awareness about "how Antarctica's fate affects the whole environment." Live feeds and results from scientific experiments will be available on the web and used in classrooms around the world.

Moon-Regan Trans Antarctic Expedition
The CIV won't be making the trip alone, though (duh). There's simply not enough space on board to carry scientific instruments, food, water, etc. It will act as a pilot for the two heavier Science Support Vehicles (pics below). "It is equipped with a special radar that can detect hidden crevasses, has a minimum of moving parts (which are liable to freeze up) and is light enough to be man-hauled across really rough terrain."Here are a few more photos of the CIV (they tested it in Sweden):

Concept Ice Vehicle photo
Concept Ice Vehicle photo
Concept Ice Vehicle photo
Concept Ice Vehicle photo

  • Suspension: all-round independent suspension to cope with the sastrugi
  • Engine: adapted bio-fuelled engine
  • Size: 4.5m long (15 feet) x 4.5m wide (15 feet)
  • Radar: Ice Penetrating Radar (IPR) unit detects hidden crevasses

More photos and technical information on page 2!

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