Look at All this Amazing Sea Life Tuna Fishermen Kill as Bycatch (Video)

tuna creatures killedYouTube/Screen capture

Warning: This video, which showcases the myriad wondrous creatures that get between tuna fishermen and the cannery, may make you sick.

In the video below, a whistle-blowing helicopter pilot who used to work for the tuna industry reveals to Greenpeace what a day in the life of a tuna-fishing operation looks like. Answer: Not Pretty. In fact, be forewarned: the gruesome scenes you're about to encounter will make reconsider, from the ground up, what it is that's so great about tuna after all. They should most definitely make you mad.

The discussion focuses on Fish Aggregation Devices, which are used to attract marine life towards the operation, in order to make it more efficient, and raise yields. Of course, the FADs don't discriminate between what kinds of marine life they draw in, and as a result, vast swaths of fish and other sea life are lured into the fishermen's nets. And then killed.

It's like trawling all over again, just with better technology -- yet another top notch way to exterminate marine life en masse. 'Innovations' like these are what make 'peak fish' activists so worried; we're depleting our worldwide fisheries at a rate previously merely dreamed of by commercial fishing operations.

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