Let this slime mold blow your mind! Haunt your dreams!

The Creeping Garden - taster from cinema iloobia on Vimeo.

Watch this and marvel in the weird and wonderful world of slime mold. This is a trailer for The Creeping Garden, "a feature length creative documentary exploring the work of fringe scientists, mycologists and artists, from the UK to Japan, and their relationship with the extraordinary plasmodial slime mould."

Amazing, right? And a bit terrifying!

Slime molds can figure out MAZES, people! That aMAZES me!

They can grow on just about anything! Including beers!

Helpfully, Wikipedia informs slime molds are pretty much everywhere:

Found in a wide variety of colours, more than 900 species of slime mold occur all over the world and feed on microorganisms that live in any type of dead plant material. They contribute to the decomposition of dead vegetation, and feed on bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. For this reason, these organisms are usually found in soil, lawns, and on the forest floor, commonly on deciduous logs. However, in tropical areas they are also common on inflorescences, fruits and in aerial situations (e.g., in the canopy of trees). In urban areas, they are found on mulch or even in the leaf mold in gutters, and also grow in air conditioners, especially when the drain is blocked. One of the most commonly encountered slime molds is the yellow Physarum polycephalum, found both in nature in forests in temperate zones, as well as in classrooms and laboratories.

If you're picturing some hyper color slime mold unt unt unting its way through your air conditioner and into your house and eventually brains, you're not alone!

Yes, I'm pretty sure they are using some time-lapse video techniques to highlight the pulsing growth of the mold, but still, they are just speeding up what is happening naturally! It is not that these slime molds are not really pulsing and throbbing their way through the world, rather it is just our own limited range of time perception that keeps us from noticing without the aid of video.

It is amazing stuff. I hope the feature comes to be so I can be amazed even more.

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Slime molds, what can't you do?

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Let this slime mold blow your mind! Haunt your dreams!
Watch this and marvel in the weird and wonderful world of slime mold.

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