Laura Bush Joins National Park Foundation in Everglades to Launch Eco-Contest for Kids


With a recent study revealing a 20% drop in youth participation in outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping since the 1980’s, I think it’s worthwhile to point out that Mrs. Bush and the National Park Foundation teamed up recently in the Everglades to announce this year's Junior Rangers Essay Contest. The theme being: "What can you do now to turn over a 'new leaf' for the environment and preserve our national parks?" The contest itself is open to children from 9-12 years old, with the grand prize being a family trip to the Everglades on Earth Day to star in an Electronic Field Trip, essentially a virtual outing that will be presented in schools across the U.S. examining native and exotic plants in our national park system.

It seems this could be an essay contest worth engaging with kids near you. For as Vin Cipolla, President and CEO of the National Park Foundation puts it, “By teaching our children the value of conservation and preservation though programs like the Jr. Ranger Essay Contest, we are teaching America's youth how to protect these special places for generations to come."

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via:: National Park Foundation

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