L.A. Demands Fire-Fighting Goats


Photo credit: dashananda

These goats are headed to the Hollywood Hills to chew clover and kick ass.

And they're all out of clover.

But that's only if the good citizens of Los Angeles get their way. They're crying out for a herd of four-hoofed firefighters in the wake of a series of wildfires that devastated wide swaths of urban wilderness, killing or displacing thousands of animals and endangering nearby homes.

No ifs or...heh....butts about it: L.A. wants goats.According to an ongoing petition that has already garnered close to 600 signatures:

We the undersigned demand that the City of Los Angeles and the L.A. Department of Recreation and Parks respond to this continued threat by bringing in shepherds with herds of goats to graze on the dry hills, a plan previously implemented with great success by UC Berkeley in the aftermath of that community's devastating 1991 fire.

Goats are economical, ecological fire-fighting machines that produce fertilizer as they clear hills and canyons of weeds, poison oak and dry chaparral. Additionally, the animals are charming, newsworthy ambassadors for fire safety, a subject that needs to be more widely discussed.

Smokey, who?. :: 1947 Project

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