Kindhearted cop halts traffic pursuit to escort a family of ducks off the road (Video)

escorting ducks photo
Screen capture YouTube

Who says the motto "to protect and serve" only applies to people?

In this rather heartwarming dashcam video released by Oregon's Portland Police, what seemed destined to be just another routine traffic stop quickly takes a turn for the adorable. While catching up to pull over a car he caught speeding, Officer Mark James encountered a mother duck waddling in the roadway with a brood of ducklings in tow, in real danger of being run over.

So sure enough, Officer James decided to halt his pursuit and offer the winged family some impromptue police protection, pausing traffic long enough to escort them back off the busy street.

In the end, the traffic violator was able to get off without a ticket this time (though he may owe those ducks some breadcrumbs). However, in weighing the minor injustice of an uncaught speeding driver against the loss of local wildlife, it's hard not to agree that Officer James made the right call.

After all, the rules of humane decency may not be on the books, but that's what makes them so commendable to enforce.

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