Killer Whale Swims Up to Boat, Imitates Motor's Sound

killer whale photo

Images via YouTube Video

It's technically not a good thing to anthropomorphize animals, but it's really hard not to when you see this killer whale doing its darndest to sound like a boat's motor. An orca whale approached a motor boat and precisely imitated the noise of the engine -- to communicate? To mock? To say, "Keep it down"? To play? We aren't sure why, but it's amazing to watch. There are a lot of uploads of this video, several done in the last week. But, turns out, this is a video from a couple years ago of Luna, a wild orca male, which lost his family and tried to buddy up with boaters. If you haven't heard of Luna, you can watch the movie narrated by Ryan Reynolds... though apparently Luna can do his own narration.

While the fact that it is Luna leans us toward the conclusion that he's trying to be friends, there could be other possibilities should this have been a different wild whale. Considering all the human-generated noise pollution these poor animals have to put up with that impacts everything from feeding to their ability to communicate with one another, I'd have gone with the theory that says the whale is telling the boaters, "This is what you sound like... not so awesome, right?!"

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