Kabul's Air Pollution Killing More People Than The War

kabul photo

photo: LaurasEye's/Creative Commons

It doesn't bleed so it doesn't lead... Kabul's air pollution right now is so bad that it kills some 3000 people each year from respiratory problems. How many civilians were killed in all of Afghanistan last year due to ongoing warfare there? 2,777 according United Nations figures.As for why the air pollution is so bad, PhysOrg cites a number of factors: Poor quality motor fuel in old and poorly maintained vehicles, plus unpaved roads kicking up dust, plus a poor electric grid leading to house uses diesel generators for electricity, plus burning of whatever is at hand during to the cold winter months to keep warm.

Shockingly, over the past six years the number of Afghans with respiratory problems has increased six-fold to 480,000 people.

Read the original for some pretty sad personal accounts on how air pollution in Kabul is affecting people's lives: PhysOrg
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