Just a cool blizzard timelapse... (video)

Blizzard timelapse
Screen capture Youtube

From dusk till dawn

This timelapse video was captured by Alex Sauerbrunn Avon, connecticut, using a GoPro Hero 2 camera. It shows what winter storm Nemo left behind earlier this year.

Some snow stats from that blizzard:

Total snowfall in Boston, Massachusetts, reached 24.9 inches (63 cm), the fifth-highest total ever recorded in the city. New York City officially recorded 11.4 inches (29 cm) of snow at Central Park, and Portland, Maine, set a record of 31.9 inches (81 cm). Hamden, Connecticut recorded the highest snowfall of the storm at 40 inches (100 cm). Many surrounding cities picked up at least 1 foot (30 cm).

Via Youtube

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Just a cool blizzard timelapse... (video)
Why? Because snow is great, as long as you don't have to shovel it.

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