Just Add Water

It's hard, this time of the year, not to have a garden, with everyone talking about what they are planting and how their roses are doing and their favourite nursery.... But here are a few mini-solutions for all of you with frustrated green thumbs. The Pocket Garden comes in a sealed leak-proof bag. Just cut it open, add water and put it on the window ledge. The bag (alas, not recycleable) contains specially formulated compost and seeds that grow into a sweet little plant and the soil is Soil Association approved. Choices include poppies, sunflowers, organic coriander, dill, basil and chives. If you would rather grow vegetables, also in a plastic bag, here is a magic hanging tomato bag kit that includes seeds, soil and fertilizer. And for the truly deprived or the office: the desktop garden. Grow a little grass in your old CD-ROM spindle and then "turn your pencil sharpener into a lawn mower." Just in from Inhabitat: a seeded business card from a landscape architecture firm--add water and you end up with a professional miniature garden. And how does your garden grow?

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