July 2011 Was Seventh Warmest Globally Since Records Began

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This past July was the fourth hottest on record for the United States and now, NOAA reports, that the seventh month of 2011 was the seventh hottest July for the world as a whole since records began in 1880.

This comes at the same time that Arctic sea ice extent was at its lowest level since records began in 1979. At current rates of melting Arctic sea ice loss will set a new record low for the year.As for the exact temperatures involved: The combined global land ocean average surface temperature for July (16.37°C) was 0.57°C above the 20th century average.

Just looking at land surface temperature, July was 0.84°C above average, making the month the fifth warmest July on record if only land temperatures are taken into account. As the map below indicates, particular warm conditions were felt in Northern Europe, much of Russia, and most of North America. Cooler than normal conditions occurred in central Russia, Western Europe and southwestern Canada.

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image: NOAA

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