Julian Lwin's Urban Herbarium


We’re happy to say that Lwin’s at it again with his green fingered design. The designer who has brought us such fertile ideas as the Galapagos Table, the Urban Oasis and the Biodegradable Biotube Bench has now turned his hand to herbs. "The Urban Herbarium is a self-enclosed growing chamber to germinate and grow edible herbs for your city kitchen. The shape of the Urban Herbarium allows rainwater runoff to be purified and filtered through three sizes of perforated holes in the top and side panels. The pollutants associated with urban living are cleaned using a micro-mesh carbon filtration system - providing a great opportunity to grow edible foods pollutant-free in the city. A terraced & stackable version is also under development." Julian has been in contact with TreeHugger to tell us more about the materials he using for the product: "The window box is constructed from a translucent polylactic acid blend material reinforced with a natural fiber such as kenaf, coconut or bamboo. This would be similar to the materials used in Japan for laptop casings by Toshiba. The requisite physical properties, such as stiffness and impact resistance, adequate weathering and UV resistance, colorability and surface quality can all be achieved using these biodegradable materials." The Urban Herbarium is still in the protoype stage, but hopefully we will see them appearing on neighbourhood window sills very soon. Via: MocoLoco ::Lwin Design