Joe Romm on Bjorn Lomborg

When we last mentioned climate change delayer Bjorn Lomborg after his Colbert interview, , commenters noted "Why have you labeled him a denier? He simply sounds like a pragmatist." Over at Climate Progress, Joe Romm has prepared a two-part debunking of Lomborg, first going after his comments on polar bears (Lomborg thinks they will simply follow the ice or turn into land animals) and in part 2, Lomborg's cherry picking of statistics on sea level rise. There is also a review of Lomborg's new book, Cool it, in Salon that starts with a parody, with Lomborg talking to Noah while he is building the ark:

Up walks a man who introduces himself as an adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School. He says, "Noah, you have to stop. We've run the numbers and they don't add up. I agree that there may be a few days of rain, but if you really want to help future generations, don't build the ark. Grow the economy!"

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