James Cameron Tweets From the Ocean's Deepest Point

cameron tweet photo.Twitter/Screen capture

While you were enjoying your lazy Sunday today napping on the couch after that leisurely picnic in the park, famed-filmaker-turned-ocean-explorer James Cameron was drifting off, too -- to a depth of 6.7 miles beneath the waves in a one-man submarine. And he marked the history-making event in style, penning what is easily among the most epic tweets ever: "Just arrived at the ocean's deepest pt. Hitting bottom never felt so good."

Working in partnership with National Geographic, Cameron today became the first person in half-a-century to touch down on the deepest point on the earth's surface, some 35,756 feet below sea level, in a region called the Mariana Trench -- and he's also the first to do it alone.

Although scientists were able to reach deep down into the ocean trench in manned submarines in the 1960s, their journey didn't yield much in terms of what life is like for species at those depths. Cameron and his crew, however, are hoping their modern submersible, Deep Sea Challenger, will be better equipped to shed light on that dark and mysterious underwater region.

Read more about the Deep Sea Challenger's extraordinary mission, and keep up with Cameron's latest discoveries on National Geographic @deepchallenge.

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