Jamble Magazine Launches in the UK


Do you think green when you make travel plans? A new online magazine is challenging travellers to do just that, no matter where or when they travel. Based in the UK (Cardiff, Wales to be exact), Jamble focuses on backpackers, gap year travellers and city breakers but is aiming to update the image of green travel as a whole. A recent press release noted: "Some people still view green travel as a stay in a yurt in the middle of nowhere - but for us green travel is all about the latest and coolest gadgets, exploring cities by foot or bike or wearing bamboo t-shirts and trainers made from recycled rubber." A special feature included in the magazine are Green City Guides, which include information on eco-friendly hotels, attractions, parks and transport. Backpacker guides are also featured, which include everything from eco-bags to how to tackle bedbugs, and articles on topics such as green urban hotels and iPod recycling. ::Jamble Magazine