It's National Get Outdoors Day: So Unplug.

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While I've never been a big fan of advertisement initiated holidays, National Get Outdoors Day has a great message behind it. The natural world is a bit of a cure-all. It's good for your health, the health of humanity as a whole, and the health of the planet. It's easy to forget why you're protecting the planet when you're rarely outside enjoying its gifts. And in fact, today is National Get Outdoors Day. This year's theme is geared toward unplugging your kids and yourself and remembering to reconnect with the planet. National Get Outdoors Day was launched to counter the problems associated with kids spending too much time indoors both for safety reasons and because too much time is spent playing video games, social networking, and watching television. Here's a TV PSA on the campaign:

"Children who play outside have a reduced risk for obesity, lower stress levels, more active imaginations and they're more likely to become environmentally conscious adults." The (and the new Spanish version, Web sites help parents and kids search for nearby forests and activities to do at them.

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Photo: Ad Council

"Parents play an important role in encouraging children to get outside in nature," said Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell. "Our campaign with the Ad Council aims to re-connect families to nature by encouraging them to break free from their daily routines and experience the forest first hand. This gives families the ability to explore and engage in adventurous play, instilling in children a love for nature and fosters a sense of stewardship for the environment and our public lands."

National Get Outdoors Day is being celebrated across the country. But you don't need a holiday to head outside. Especially with the weather as downright gorgeous as it is across the nation, don't waste your life indoors.

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