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You are walking into a magical forest of pine trees, with the fresh smell of evergreens in the air. Part of the forest is dense, and claustrophobic with different paths leading in several directions. There are trees hanging from the ceiling, others are nailed to the floor. You end up in an opening with one dead, needle-less tree and one stark burned trunk in a shiny white room. Another path leads to an open space with a few hanging trees in front of a window, the light of the city flowing in.

Except this whole scene is an installation in a deserted office located in the commercial heart of London. The trees, all 200 of them, are old christmas trees, ready to be recycled, collected from the streets of London. The artists found and collected them all in one day after the holidays and some were delivered, courtesy of the local municipality.


The artists call it a vast collaborative sculpture. "The discarded Christmas trees being at once a byproduct of contemporary society and charged with cultural meaning and personal memories."


It is about transcendence and peace amidst the commercial roar of the busy city centre. It is a melancholy statement about life and death, beauty and ugliness. A meditation on growth and decomposition: today they are being taken off to be recycled. :: For the Trees

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